PG Wood is a leading plywood supplier in Latvia. We carry out plywood trade and supply a wide range of plywood used in various fields. Plywood is our life!

For the production of furniture, parquet, top dies, finishing and construction, the entire spectrum of plywood by PG Wood is the best offer!

Plywood for any application

PG Wood offers to our customers:

Where to buy plywood of high-quality at low prices? Refer to us! You should only contact our office in Riga and you will receive the necessary advice on all available materials, will be able to determine the time of manufacture and delivery of the required consignment.

For plywood description and its main technical specifications, please refer to the relevant tabs on our website.

Why they choose PG Wood

They choose us when they wish to purchase:

  • High-quality products;
  • Non-standard or customized solutions;
  • Plywood for various applications (Urea-formaldehyde glued plywood, waterproof plywood, etc.);
  • Eco-friendly material for their own production;
  • Certified products, and
  • Wish to have the best raw material guaranteed.

Quality Assurance Policy

PG Wood always gives a guarantee on our products. If your purchased plywood does not meet the demands placed upon it, we compensate 100% of the cost and take the plywood back at our own expense.

Best offer and impressive range of products are always at your service!

Plywood sale is not just a business for us, as we work for our customers to be always provided with the highest quality material and the best plywood prices!

Product Guarantee