Poplar plywood, veneered with timber of valuable species.

Thanks to lesser wood density, poplar plywood weighs less, which makes a product made using this plywood much lighter without affecting the strength thereof. It is processed just like any other plywood – of birch or fir timber. Veneered plywood also enjoys improved inner layers with no cavities, which facilitates the processing of material. The surface is perfectly polished. Thanks to that, it can be lacquered without additional processing.

Veneer plywood is a superior alternative to veneered medium density fibreboard. While veneered medium density fibreboard can be toxic, plywood is an absolutely environment-friendly material.

Veneering plywood with veneer of valuable timber allows producing high-quality material that is ready for instant use, whereas customized plywood veneering is a lengthy, complicated and far more expensive procedure.


  • cabinet furniture (tabletops, cabinet doors, etc.)
  • trunking walls
  • decor elements
  • juvenile furniture

Technical specifications:

  • glue type – Class 1 (interior)
  • density – 440-490 (kg/m3)
  • moisture content – 6-14 (%)
  • break point of threaded face joints – 135 (kgf)
  • coating quality – (I/II)
  • types of timber – walnut, maplewood, cherry, birch, European and American oak
  • thicknesses: 18 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm
  • number of layers – 18 mm – 9 layers, 22 mm – 9 layers, 25 mm – 11 layers
  • sheet dimensions: 2440х1220; 2500×1220; 3100×1220
  • face veneer type –

Birch – rotary-cut veneer

Maplewood – rotary-cut veneer

American oak – rotary-cut veneer

European oak – at choice: tangential cut or round cut veneer

Walnut – tangential cut veneer

Cherry – round cut veneer

  • Certificates: CARB CE.